Digital Media Technology
Take Home Exam

Due: 25 January 2018 to

This Take Home Exam consists of three questions, for which a total of ten points may be awarded (allotment of points is specified per question). Each question should be answered in a mini-essay of specified length; please write in full sentences, cite references properly, and format one document in Docx according to the BDMS Style Sheet.

Question 1 – 1000 words, 5 points

For the first question of the Take Home Exam of Digital Media Technology, you need to carry out a small research project in which you attempt to answer a research question on the basis of a relational database.

You can choose one of the following three data sets:

Use SQL to query the database and to produce visualisations which can help you to answer your central research question. Write a brief essay in which you explain your central question and in which you discuss the main findings of your research project.

Question 2 – 500 words, 2 points

The Walt Whitman Archive is an online project, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which offers access primary and secondary sources about the American poet, essayist and writer Walt Whitman (1819-1892). The archive demonstrates applications of the technologies you have been taught about during DMT, as well as others you may not be familiar with. Explore the project, and answer the following questions in a running text.

Question 3 – 500 w., 3 p. Please read the following three texts: According to you, which two aspects of the TEI standard can most seriously complicate its use within humanities research concentrating on texts? Motivate your answer and refer to this literature and/or other relevant materials from the course syllabus.